Stock Control and Quality at Amazon

Fascinating 30 minute documentary and questions below..

Questions to paste to your new blog post and answer..

  1. Which of the 3 definitions of ‘stock’ applies to Amazon? (slide 1)
  2. Why would Amazon not want to hold stock if it can help it? (slide 1)
  3. What are the 2 main methods of stock management? (slide 2)
  4. What does a stock control chart do? (slide 3)
  5. Put a picture of a stock control chart in your blog post (slide 4)
  6. What is ‘Just in Time’? (slide 5)
  7. Why would Amazon use ‘just in time’? (slide 5)
  8. What is Quality? (slide 6)
  9. Identify 5 examples of poor quality (slide 6)
  10. What are the costs of poor quality? (slide 7)
  11. What is Quality control? (slide 8)
  12. What is Quality Assurance? (slide 9)
  13. What is Total Quality Management? (slide 10)


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