Trade Descriptions and Sale of Goods Legislation (Topic 11 of 23)

einstein theory

Let’s tackle this using the mini menu of activities below..You MUST complete one GREEN, one AMBER and one RED activity!

  • Scan these notes, identify 10 key words and make a beautiful ‘wordcloud’ (save the image and post it to your blog)
  • Find 3 relevant images and post it to your blog WITH an explanation about how it is connected to today’s notes
  • Create a Mindmap and save it as an image on your blog. It must cover the main ideas of the current topic. Use colour and images to make it interesting.
  • True / False Game – Pick a key word from the current topic and write a correct definition and two false definitions. Blog it so that we can quiz the class!
  • Newspaper Article – Make a cool looking newspaper by clicking here and then save it as a JPEG to insert into your blog. Cover a key term and an example from real life of how this key term might be used.
  • Using this form, write a tweet (no more than 140 characters) featuring an example of where YOU have experienced a failure by a Business to uphold the Sale of Goods Act in slide 9
  • With the help of Google News or BBC, find an article about a real Business relevant to the notes. Quote the essential elements of this story with appropriate images in a new blog post. Examples could include where big Businesses have got it right or wrong in terms of trade descriptions or how they have sold goods / services.
  • Let’s go social – Build a social media poster using and summarise the purpose of Trade Descriptions and Sale of Goods AND compare the similarities and differences between them (images and video can be included if related). Help via today’s notes.
  • Fake Text / SMS – Create a made up text conversation about the pros and cons of one of today’s topic. Create it HERE but then save it as an image or embed it into your blog for maximum impact.
  • Using Windows Movie Maker (Start Button Search for ‘Movie Maker’), put together at least 3 frames (insert 3 images) including text and transitions. Must cover practical solutions / advice if you have been effected by companies not following Trade Description / Sale of Goods Legislation.
  • Take part in a silent debate using this form…then at the end of the lesson, go to the ‘Wall of Fame’ and reblog the post featuring ALL the views of your fellow classmates to get a great rounded view!



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